IEEE Computer Society SE Michigan Chapter & Oakland University IEEE Student Branch presents:

“Fixing the Data Transfer TCP/IP protocol problem over WAN”

Abstract: These days – we all collaborate and share massive amounts of data over the Wide Area Network (aka Internet sometimes) which runs using the robust TCP/IP protocol. Yet despite that, moving data is a major problem which challenges many engineers, development teams, global design groups, corporate enterprises and academic researchers.

Enabling the fastest movement of data and files over any type of WAN using the industry standard TCP-IP, irrespective of distance and variations in network conditions. Bridgeworks have looked at the problem of data movement and come at it from an entirely new perspective. Bridgeworks has several solutions which deliver the highest WAN Data Transfer speeds. What is interesting is that they seem to be able to provide consistent accelerated outcomes across all data types including encrypted, encoded, compresses or any combination thereof. In mastering the rules of data movement over distance, Bridge works have now broken them to provide you with the ability to move significant volumes of business-critical data in real time removing unacceptable time lags, that risk failure, delay or presents major costs to your business.

Speaker: Nigel Lambert

About Speaker: Mr.Nigel has spent the last quarter of a century building markets in Europe and South Africa with disruptive, compelling Networking and Infrastructure technologies. Working across channels at all levels – distribution, reseller, vendor and always focused on the end-user. Relevant to this session, Nigel played a central role bringing Riverbed into European markets in 2004.

Date: Thursday, February 7th

Time: 6:00PM – 7:30PM

Location: Room 202, Dodge Hall, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309.

Parking: 118 Library Drive (Next to the Engineering Center)

Audience: All Students, Members, Professionals and Industry Techs

Energy Sources: Soda Pop, water, Veggie Pizza, Cheese Pizza to maximize information absorption bandwidth.

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