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1st annual Electrical circuit design contest

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Registration for the 1st annual IEEE​​& IEEE WIE Windsor section Electrical circuit design contest is now open.

About the competition:

You can design any electrical circuit using 555 timer.
You cannot use digital components but you can create your own digital gates from transistors.

Here are some projects ideas:ieeewie

  • Motor PWM
  • Reaction Timer Game
  • 4 Way Traffic Lights
  • Driving many LEDs
  • Bike Turning Signal
  • Police Lights
  • Automatic Curtain Closer
  • Burglar Alarm 4-Zone
  • Clap on, clap off circuit

Who can register and how to register:

  • Students who have already registered for Electronics I course automatically enter the contest.
  • 1stand 2nd year Students can sign up for the competition.
  • to sign up for the competition you should register online via the following link:

Time and Location:ieee_mb_blue

Thursday, April 7th, between 12:30-2:30 in CEI Buildiing, industrial courtyard