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Technical Talk

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

IEEE Computer Society South East Michigan Section presents

“Test Methods for Thermal Measurement, Reliabilty and Quality”

Abstract: From multi-core chips in slim smartphone devices or compact packaging of power semiconductor modules for lightweight electric vehicle inverters, understanding semiconductor package heat dissipation remains important for performance and product reliability purposes. This presentation introduces electrical test methods covered by JEDEC 51-1 standards. By utilizing this approach, the difficulties and problems measuring temperature at the component’s die are overcome.

Speaker: Joe Proulx, Senior Application Engineer

Speaker Bio: Joe has over 20+ years of experience as thermal engineer in industry. He has extensive CFD experience for electronics cooling analysis, and more than 7+ years specializing in thermal test measurement of semiconductors & reliability. Joe has several patents pending. He also regularly contributes to IEEE & SAE conference papers for power electronics reliability and electronics thermal simulation.

Date: March 29th 2018

Time: 6-8 PM EDT/EST

Location: Room, 254 Engineering Center Oakland University Rochester, MI 48309

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Technical Talk

Friday, February 16th, 2018

IEEE South East Michigan Section Computer Society presents:

An Introduction to Data Science

AboutData Science is the study of the generalizable extraction of knowledge from data. Being a data scientist requires an integrated skill set spanning mathematics, statistics, machine learning, databases and other branches of computer science along with a good understanding of the craft of problem formulation to engineer elective solutions. This short lecture will introduce you to this rapidly growing field and introduce some of its basic principles and tools as well as its general mindset.

Speaker: Sharan Kalwani

Speaker Bio: With over 30+ years’ experience, in various aspects of the way hardware, software has evolved, you can expect a unique perspective on the whole evolution of data science. The speaker has presented at numerous conferences and is viewed as an active evangelist in his areas of expertise.

Date: 22nd Feb 2018

Time: 6-8 PM EDT/EST

Location: Room 254, Engineering Center Oakland University Rochester, MI 48309

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